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Missouri Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers are working alongside peers in Iowa to help residents recovering from an EF-3 tornado that destroyed sections of this city May 21. It was among a tornado outbreak that ultimately killed at least five people and injured at least 35.

The size estimate of the Greenfield tornado could increase as National Weather Service investigators continue to survey damage, reported The Weather Channel.

The storms were fast and mostly hit rural areas, said Iowa Disaster Relief director Gared Schaffer.


Pulling off Vacation Bible School (VBS) for 700 children is a daunting challenge for most churches. Pulling off VBS for 700 children during community upheaval is not just challenging, it is practically impossible.
But Anna Yumnam* and her team from TMG Bible Church* in Manipur, a state in northeast India, managed to accomplish the seemingly impossible in June 2023.
This was Yumnam’s first year as the church’s children’s ministry director. She expected hurdles of course, but perhaps not trials of this intensity.
Just one month before the VBS, community conflicts had begun to erupt between two ethnic groups in the state of Manipur. While the situation was fairly contained in early June, people in the area were on edge. The government suspended the internet in the entire state, leaving everyone in a communications dark hole. Colleges and schools in the state capital were shut. In some regions, neighbors began turning against each other.
In the town where TMG Bible Church is located, the situation remained relatively peaceful, but not having access to the internet was a huge obstacle for the team organizing the VBS.
This was the church’s fourth year running the Lifeway VBS program. They said they didn’t want the year to pass without the children learning solid biblical truths through VBS.


In the Baptist Press toolbox, Scott McConnell writes about some things that will immediately help discipleship in your church.
Praying for courage
Another element of prayer is a strong predictor of spiritual growth: Praying for the courage to stand up for Jesus. This question is not in the core assessment or a specific discipleship signpost. This practice tells a broader story.
There is a mental aspect to following Christ that often is more difficult than actions or beliefs themselves. Praying for courage is a request for the desire to say “it is worth it to follow Christ” in every circumstance.
Spending time praising God
Personally setting aside time for private worship, praise, or thanksgiving to God more often has the fifth most significant impact on spiritual maturity.
We often think about the Bible-reading part of a quiet time with God and listening to Him. But another essential element is to personally praise and thank God for who He is and what He is doing. This is, after all, a relationship. While we do ask Him for things, we also should intentionally enjoy Him and put that into words.

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