Anything Is Possible Podcast

Join Holly Moore on "Anything is Possible" as she sits down with Maria Bravo, the founder of the Global Gift Foundation and co-founder of Utopia Avatars, for an inspiring conversation about her journey from a small Spanish town to Hollywood stardom and philanthropy.


Driven by her mother's legacy and her own desire to make a difference, Maria has dedicated her life to giving back and has become one of the world's most successful philanthropists. Alongside her best friend, Hollywood actress Eva Longoria, she has created an incredible charitable foundation that has helped countless people around the world.

During Holly's visit to one of Maria and Eva's charity events at the George V Hotel in Paris, she had the opportunity to learn about Maria's experiences with grief, her struggles with fertility, and her passion for living life to the fullest. Despite these challenges, Maria has remained dedicated to her mission and has recently co-founded Utopia Avatars, a business that aims to make a positive impact in the metaverse.

As an exceptional woman and philanthropist, Maria's story is truly inspirational. Holly was honored to help her share it with the world.

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What is Anything Is Possible Podcast?

What would you do if you believed that Anything is Possible? It’s a mantra that’s helped Holly overcome mental health, build her business, overcome personal challenges and bring her events company through the pandemic. And now it’s the theme of her brand new podcast!

Join Holly Moore, CEO and Founder of Make Events, HM Events and the host of the Anything is Possible podcast. Holly set up Make Events in 2012 from scratch with no investment, and since then has created ultimate experiences for clients' across the globe.

This podcast shares some of the stories of those she feels embody the mantra 'Anything is Possible', brands that have inspired her and those that have been on the same journey with her for over a decade!