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Fascinating conversation with Wake Up to Dying Project founder, Nina Thompson. An honest, practical, and sometimes surreal discussion about how exploring death can actually help us live life more fully.

Show Notes

We cover a lot of ground in this conversation. Nina Thompson talks about the birth, and death, of The Wake Up to Dying Project, which uses the power of story to explore death, dying, and life. Nina shares her perspective on why we tend to avoid the topic of death and how, in doing so, we're actually doing ourselves a disservice. Nina talks about the now thriving Death Positive Movement and how this is changing the way we talk about death. 

Nina and I share how death has touched and changed us. We also talk about some of our personal spiritual experiences that have informed the way we view death - Nina from the perspective of a Zen Buddhist practitioner and me, through the lens of my shamanic visionary experiences. Get your swimming trunks on! 

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What is Lucid Cafe?

What's on the menu at Lucid Cafe? Stories of transformation; healing journeys; thought-provoking conversations about consciousness, shamanism, psychology, ethics. Hosted by Wendy Halley of Lucid Path Wellness & Healing Arts.