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It's not the red wine giving you headaches -- it's the sulfites! Learn more wine-pro tips with this Q&A with Telesomm's Christopher Sachs.

Show Notes

Wine-Pro Tip from @Telesomm Christopher: When it comes to drinking wine in general, I hear people say I can’t drink red wine because the sulfite gives me a red wine headache but they’ll grab a bottle of pinot grigio or Chardonnay. My knowledge bomb is white wines have more sulfites than red wines. If you get a headache from red wine it is probably not the sulfites. Maybe learn about Mega Purple.

For this quick Q&A, here are the questions our Telesomm wine pro, Christopher, answered:
  • Favorite pairing food and wine?
  • If wine was not what you were drinking, what would be in your cup?
  • What is your pet's favorite wine
  • What are your top 3 wines and what does that say about you?
  • A sommelier pairs well with_________. [Fill in the blank]
  • What do people get wrong about being a somm
  • What are you known for on the app?
  • What do customers ask you about? 
  • Does it matter if wines are labelled organic or biodynamic?
  • What can a customer expect from a wine tasting with you?
“My card says I am a sales representative, I consider myself a storyteller. It’s been very nice to be able to make a living off of telling stories and imbibing in some of the best products in the world."  
~Christopher Sachs, Travel By Wine 
Want to learn more about Telesomm? Do you have a wine question or topics we should ask a somm? Let us know!
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