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Today on Colorado Edition: We hear about the Northern Colorado Deliberative Journalism Project, a collaborative of area newsrooms, journalists, and media scholars aiming to strengthen local journalism. And we hear from two songwriters in rural northeast Colorado about how rural living inspires them and their art.

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In many parts of the country, sources of local journalism are in decline. A recent report from the Center for Information, Technology and Public Life notes that more than a fourth of the country’s newspapers have disappeared, and residents in thousands of communities now live in a news desert. This matters, because local news outlets play an essential role in keeping the community informed about elections, public safety, and what their local representatives are up to. Local journalism also help to inform common values that create a sense of shared purpose within a community.      
With that in mind, a collaborative made up of area newsrooms, public libraries, working journalists and media scholars launched in the fall. The aim of the Northern Colorado Deliberative Journalism Project is to strengthen local journalism by reimagining the current information ecosystem and elevating our ability to tackle shared problems in a more thoughtful, constructive way. Martín Carcasson is the founder and director of CSU’s Center for Public Deliberation, or CPD, which is part of the project’s core team. He joined us to share more about the project, and how the public can be involved.  
Note: The core team’s meeting will be open to the public once a quarter, beginning Monday, April 4 at 2:00 p.m. You can sign up to participate here
Rural northeast Colorado has fewer employed artists than any other region in the state, according to a 2020 report. While musicians, dancers and fashion designers may sell a lot less out there, they are still creating. KUNC’s Adam Rayes recently went to Yuma County to hear two musicians from different generations discuss their craft. 
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