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Felienne discusses teaching programming to kids by saying code out loud, the user experience of spreadsheets, the role of a computer science education, and her experience as a professor, conference speaker, and podcaster.

Show Notes

Felienne is an associate professor at Leiden University who brings a unique perspective on programming education backed by scientific research.  She also runs the Programming Education Research Lab (PERL) in order to study the best ways to teach programming.

Keynote at Strange Loop
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  • 00:56 - Spreadsheets as programming
  • 04:57 - When do you build software vs use what's already there?
  • 10:14 - Direct instruction vs independent learning
  • 20:28 - How should you start teaching kids?
  • 24:39 - Is teaching kids different than older students?
  • 30:15 - Using rote memorization and saying code out loud
  • 35:15 - What is the role of Computer Science education?
  • 40:42 - Teaching IDEs, Git, Debugging, and Code Review
  • 45:43 - Problems with teaching Open Source
  • 49:12 - Incorporating live coding into university lectures
  • 56:18 - Podcasting and conference speaking

What is Software Sessions?

Practical conversations about software development.