5th and Dribble

On todays oval ball pod, the boys are back together to cover all things Round 11 in the NRL!

Show Notes

On today's oval ball, the boys are back!

Never fret, the weekend recap is here and you will hear all that happened on the boat and at the bucks! We stumbled home and got a little sick in the making but.. we are here!

Schedule is the same and we break down the Yeah/Nah Report (24:02) where we chat Dolphins, Fergalicious and the growth of the Broncos! From there, the boys move into (31:34) the Team of the Week, Fantasy updates (the king was stabbed!) and the Friday Footy Tip Off. Keep an eye out this FFTO as we will be at the game. Panthers versus Cowboys!

Next, (36:33) Reviews of the round that was and the pumpings that occured. What is going on with Kalyn and the Pongettes in Newcastle? Are the Brisbane Broncos the real deal? Do Jahrome Hughes and Ryan Papenhuyzen make up a 30-point deficit to the North Queensland Cowboys? (We all know what Matty B thinks!) Have the Canberra Raiders finally turned it around or do the South Sydney Rabbitohs just kinda... suck?

After much debate, attention is drawn to (54:37) the Previews of Round 12 and the test for both clubs in the early Friday game, Penrith versus North Queensland! We will be on the hill so come say hi!

All this and much more on the Thursday pod!

What is 5th and Dribble?

A couple boys from Western Sydney talking NRL, NBA and a whole lot of sh*t. 5th and Dribble encompasses all things armchair expert, "I woulda made it if..." and memories of sinking a few with mates!

Tune in Tuesdays and Thursdays for our Reviews, slander, and Pre-Reviews!