An episode featuring the San Francisco Giant's strength and conditioning, James Clifford (Cliffy). He understands the importance of what you put in your body matters -- as a result, he is also the president of Schmitty's Herbal Snuff. A positive impact episode indeed!

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About this NILepisode: Schmitty's Herbal Snuff and SF Giants Strength Coach | James Clifford

The NIL4U guest for this episode is James Clifford. He's the go-to guy for getting players on the San Francisco Giants in top shape. As their Director of Strength and Conditioning, Cliffy knows all about what it takes to keep athletes strong, fast, and healthy. Before joining the Giants, he spent 25 years with the Seattle Mariners, so he's got plenty of stories and experience in the big leagues.

President of Schmitty's Herbal Snuff
James Clifford is also the president of Schmitty's Herbal Snuff, a company that gives people a healthier option than tobacco. This stuff is made from tea and other natural ingredients. Clifford got into this because he knows health is a big deal, not just for athletes but for everyone.

NIL, Athletes, and Impact
In this episode, Clifford and the hosts talk about some amazing things athletes are doing with their fame and fortune.
The episode highlights the remarkable story of Mady Sissoko, a student-athlete from West Africa, who leverages his NIL earnings to construct basketball courts in his home village, illustrating the profound humanity and community betterment enabled by NIL.
The discussion emphasizes philanthropy within NIL, spotlighting initiatives like the Hoosiers for Good collective at Indiana University, which raised $2 million.

And finally, we discuss USC’s Juju Watkins, who uses her NIL influence to uplift Los Angeles' underserved communities.
The conversation underscores the importance of education in these philanthropic efforts, urging listeners to harness their influence for societal benefit. It's all about using their spotlight to help others and improve the world.

More about James Clifford:
  • Current Role: Director of Strength and Conditioning, San Francisco Giants (Since Jan 2024)
  • Previous Baseball Experience: Over 25 years with Seattle Mariners, evolving from Major League Strength Coach to Director of Strength and Conditioning
  • President of Schmitty's Snuff: Leading a health-focused company providing a tobacco-free snuff alternative (Since Aug 2023)
  • Expertise in Sports Science: Specializes in athlete performance enhancement and high-performance consulting
  • Education: Background in Physical Sciences from the University of Washington
Key Contributions:
  • Baseball and Athlete Development: Instrumental in training and preparing athletes at the highest level of professional baseball, emphasizing strength, conditioning, and sports science
  • Health and Wellness Advocacy: Through Schmitty's Snuff, promoting healthier lifestyle choices within the athlete community and beyond
  • NIL Involvement: Leveraging his positions to highlight and support athletes' use of NIL for personal growth, community impact, and health awareness
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