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Workplace cultures in politics and tech share many similarities: Overwork is glorified; long hours are the norm; employees are expected to respond to communication instantly, no matter the day or time; and those that opt out are seen as lacking hustle or ceding ground to competitors. Marty Santalucia, a political consultant in Pennsylvania, wanted to do things differently. In this episode, he talks about applying calm work principles to an industry that's known for the opposite dynamic.

Show Notes

NPR's Up First podcast - 00:51

FiveThirtyEight's Politics podcast - 00:55

Dan Sinker's website | Twitter - 1:15 - 1:21

Marty Santalucia on Twitter - 2:55

MFStrategies website | Twitter - 2:58

"Sanders Campaign, Workers Ratify Union Contract" (NPR) - 22:23

Bonus link! The New York Times asked 2020 Democratic candidates how much sleep they get a night and filmed the responses.

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