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Progressive House UK 006 Mixed & Compiled by Adam Collins

A real treat for our group this month comes courtesy of Adam Collins. Give him a
studio, a pair of decks and a flash drive full of Military grade progressive tracks and you have a 3.5 hour mix of live peak time bliss.

Weaving through the rhythms, synths and rolling beats of deep, driving underground progressive house, Collins delivers a silky gliding soundscape of shimmering delight.

A crucial inclusion in the PHUK series, this one is not to be missed.

Show Notes

Full Track Listing

1. Rudy UK - Real You (Hot Tuneik Remix)
2. Artfaq - Somebody Else (Antrim Remix)
3. Matan Caspi - Secret Mood
4. Gabriel Carminatti - Urban Legion (Willscape Remix)
5. Ezequiel Arias - Spaceless
6. Golan Zocher - Enter
7. Vanucci - Kalahari
8. Eric Lune - Matter of Fact - (Paul Angelo & Don Argento Remix)
9. Dabeat, Kamilo Sanclemente - Ara
10. Big Al, Bigz - Lifeforms - (Analog Jungs Remix)
11. David Leckenby - Stardust (GMJ & Matter Remix)
12. Kamilo Sanclemente - The White City
13. Hot Tuneik - Emotions
14. Ezequiel Arias - P├║rpura
15. NOIYSE PROJECT - Kandala (Mauro Augugliano Remix)
16. Ezequiel Arias - Airwave
17. Bruno Andrade - Natural Logarithm (Ge Bruny Remix)
18. Ezequiel Arias, Interaxxis - Lumi
19. Micheal A - Revival
20. Antrim, Kamilo Sanclemente, Paula OS - Once and Again (GMJ Extended Mix)
21. Aguizi & Fahim - Faint
22. Quivver - Edges 
23. MR.MNT - Sweet Addiction (Deeparture Remix)
24. Stan Kolev - Ineffable
25. Wally Lopez, Botoko - Soonrize (Rauschhaus Extended Mix)
26. Lucas Rossi - Parables
27. Stefano Richetta - Create Infinity
28. Max Freegrant, Max Meyer - Moon Cat (Extended Mix)
29. Paul Hamilton - Under the Radar
30. Guy Mantzur, Khen - Where is Home
31. Higgins - Rehab
32. Pedro Capelossi - Sonar (Julian Nates Remix)
33. Golan Zocher - Te (Berni Turletti Remix)
34. Ivan Nikusev, Paul Kardos - Morning Sun (GMJ & Matter Remix)
35. Nick Warren, Tripswitch - Voight Kampff (Cid Inc Remix)
36. Andre Sobota - Missing Line (Golan Zocher Remix)

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