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In today’s episode, I talk to Daniel Murphy, who is considered one of the top 50 experts in the product marketing domain, and get his help to demystify product marketing and answer the most important questions for entrepreneurs - how should I think of product marketing for my stage of the company, how can I hire for it, how should I measure its effectiveness. I also get his top tips for getting customer reviews for comparison sites, lead generation, product launches, and more. Daniel is a startup marketer with 8 years of experience who has helped successful SaaS startups like Drift, Hubspot and now Privy grow.

Show Notes

Intro to Product marketing
[1:26] What is product marketing?
[4:51] How can product marketing and product management work better together?
[6:57] What is the role of product marketing across the three stages of a company - early, growth and multi-product?

Product marketing during the stages
[10:15] Early Stage
[10:23] What should product marketing at that stage look like - how many product marketers and what key responsibilities should they have?
[13:20] Advice on how to create priority and focus

[16:11] How do you organize content to be top, middle, or bottom of the funnel?
[19:15] Metrics on the average number of content pieces that need to be produced

[20:40] What should you look for in a product marketing hire? How important is domain expertise?
[22:37] Can someone with only domain expertise be trained to become a product marketer? And how can that be done?

Product launches
[24:28] What is your playbook for product launches?

Customer reviews
[28:51] How do you get customer reviews on sites like G2, Capterra etc.

Lead generation
[31:45] What is the product marketing manager’s role in lead generation?

Advice for first-time founders and entrepreneurs
[34:00] Product marketing advice and insights for entrepreneurs and first-time founders. 


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