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Are you an avid hiker? Do you and your family like to spend time outdoors? If yes (or even no) listen in to this episode of Voices of Chandler to learn the best tips and tricks to remain safe while having fun outside. Host Melina Zuniga is joined by Chandler Fire Battalion Chief, Jeff West, and Wellness Coordinator, Kara Boley, to discuss the best ways to face the elements in Arizona and how to deal with friends you might spot on your hike. Tune in and listen to Come Wander by contributor Ariane Francis and guest Jill Rials from Rattlesnake Solutions.

What is Voices of Chandler?

This podcast was created to take a deeper dive into our community stories, our city development and anything and everything Chandler. The key is to educate, inform and entertain Chandler residents by hearing from our community leaders, residents, businesses, non-profits, and various city departments on numerous city-wide topics of interest.