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..And Now the GOOD NEWS! || Episode 68 || Vaccine Help, Renewable Energy Expansion in 2020, Virgin Hyperloop Makes Successful Test Run, Tinnitus Treatment with Sound and Electric Stimulation, Goldie Hawn Foundation, Mindfulness in Dallas Schools, Barber Shops Helps Restaurant During Covid Shutdown, 11 Year Old Making Kindness Flags, World 1st Downs Syndrome Iron Man, Man Saves Animal Shelter During Hurricane

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Robert shares a collection of stories from
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Vaccine Alliance Raises $2 Billion to Buy COVID Shots for Poor Nations

Renewable Energy Defies COVID-19 Downturn To Hit Record Growth in 2020

First Test of Virgin’s Hyperloop With Passengers Aboard –Takes Us Closer to 30-Min Floating Commute From DC to NYC

Are Your Ears Ringing From Tinnitus? This Non-Invasive Nerve Stimulation Could Help Millions

Goldie Hawn Brings Proven Mindfulness Lessons to Kids And Their Parents Online for Free

Sacred Living by Rev. Veronica Valles

Barber Shop Swoops in to Help Run Restaurant When Staff Gets COVID: ‘We couldn’t ask for better neighbors’

11-Year-old Artist is Spreading Kindness Making Flags of Gratitude for Veterans and Health Workers

Athlete With Downs Syndrome Makes History as First to Finish an Iron Man Race–And Gifts the Medal to His Mom

Man Opens Up His Home to Shelter 300 Dogs From a Hurricane: ‘It doesn’t matter if the house is dirty

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What is ...And Now the GOOD News?

Robert Brzezinski recaps and shares commentary of the GOOD news from around the world.