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simplyTravis and Rowdy5000 end the year with their Top 5 Greatest Games of the Year! Then the guys talk about their Top 5 Lamest Games of the Year that might not exactly be bad games...just disappointing (or lame) in some form or fashion. They also reach out to the Lamer Gamer Community for comments regarding honorable mentions for both of these categories.

Show Notes

Hello Lamer Gamers! This is simplyTravis and Rowdy5000 for the Lamer Gamers Podcast and this is THE GREATEST AND LAMEST GAMES OF THE YEAR END PODCAST FOR 2019! While playing (or trying to play) these amazing and not so amazing games…we’ve begun to train students under the house of Lamer and sent them out in the name of Gamer to battle zombies, freakers, the evil corporations of Halycon, those who create corruption on Mount Morda, some weird ugly space monsters that seem to randomly get attached to Velcro walls, and worst of all….a goose…while carrying a bridge baby for…reasons

What is Lamer Gamers Podcast?

We're two guys that are taking a sidequest from professional life in art education, medicine, and music creation to talk about our favorite past time - GAMING! Join us as we discuss current gaming news, gaming previews from the perspective of busy adults, deep-dives into the technical aspects of gaming, the struggles of balancing life while being a lamer gamer, and more! Shows are uploaded a minimum of every two weeks along with the occasional sidequest in-between!