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The transition to a “net-zero” climate emissions economy will have profound implications for all organizations, not just those in heavy-emitting sectors. Many leaders are making long-term commitments to climate action and the forces driving this transition are already building compelling momentum: investors are changing perspectives on future value; technologies are maturing; policies are shifting; and consumer pressure is on the rise. Consequently, marginal efforts by organizations and delayed leadership action are becoming increasingly risky strategies.

But just as important, transformative opportunities could shift or fundamentally restructure key aspects of a firm’s business model, value chain and competitive positioning. In the first episode of the Ivey Net-Zero series, our panelists explore the strategic implications of the net-zero agenda for business and how firms can develop and navigate a successful path forward.

Guests: Sarah Chapman, Global Chief Sustainability Officer, Manulife and Laura Zizzo, Founder & CEO, Manifest Climate – along with Robert Klassen, Director, Centre for Building Sustainable Value, Ivey Business School.

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