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Dale Halaway is the guest on this episode of the podcast. He has been influencing the lives and careers of thousands for almost forty years and is a leader in the movement for awakening and change.

Show Notes

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Dale and I talked about a whole bunch of topics that can really help with our personal development: ego, resistance, change, letting go of things that no longer serve us, and this thing called "transcovery" –  to be honest, I wish we had more time to talk!
 Points that we covered during our discussion include: 
  • Dale's beginnings, his career fast track, and the opportunities that followed (02:24)
  • Overcoming his speech impediment and the role of ego in letting go and change (05:45)
  • The Transcovery Process: Its spontaneous development and his eureka moment (08:35)
  • Recognizing and handling change when it comes knocking on our door (12:19)
  • Unconscious Resistance: Its roots and manifestations (18:30)
  • How our body can reveal our fears and resistance (21:31)
  • Slowing down to open up the greater version of ourselves and get what we deserve (26:45) 
  • Deep-seated control issues that hinder productivity (28:55) 
  • The benefits of adopting the practice of daily journaling (31:27) 
  • Exclusive freebies and bonus materials for Productivityist listeners (35:00)
“When change comes knocking on your door, the first thing you want to do is that you want to be able to break that down to what does that ultimately mean… There's going to be a process that could go on for days, weeks, even months, before you complete that process and come out of the other side where not only have you changed something within yourself but others around you will notice the change.” ~ Dale Halaway

 Relevant Links
This episode largely deals with one question: How can you get comfortable with this ever-accelerating pace of change? Big thanks to Dale for chatting with me and if you want to learn more about him, check out his book Being Called to Change: Let Go of All That No Longer Serves You and Grow Into Your Full Potential

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As always, I appreciate the time you take to support and listen to the podcast. Until the next episode...see you later.

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