Doctor Who: The Ood Cast

In which we wonder why Daleks can't shoot straight, bring Christmas to July, invent new kinds of cybermen & experiment with Scottish accents.

Show Notes

"It's a wonderful idea. The Doctor stops running is a wonderful idea."

Reviews: The Time of the Doctor
Air Date: 25th December 2013
Song: It's Time (of the Doctor) based on It's Time by Imagine Dragons
Additional notes: This was the first time we had recorded together for 6 months. It was so lovely to all be in the same room again and we had a cracking time. Laura's impression of Handles was so funny that we kept spoiling the take by laughing over the top of her recording. We are professionals.

What is Doctor Who: The Ood Cast?

The Ood Cast is not your average Doctor Who podcast.

We aim to express the joy, the chaos and the glory of our favourite show through laughter, rhyme and song.