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Global cannabis leader Steve Deangelo joins us the day after 420 to talk to us about life, music and cannabis!

Show Notes

Steve DeAngelo is a globally recognized cannabis leader who was dubbed “the father of the legal industry.” As a lifelong activist, author, educator, investor, and entrepreneur, he has spent more than four decades on the front lines of the cannabis reform movement. 

For those of you that follow Cait on social media, you may have seen these two hanging out in Saint John, Toronto and California together working on projects and it has been a long time coming that we got Steve on our show!

In this episode, we talk about Steve's early experiences with music, and how it influenced him and many others to push for change during the anti-war movement in the United States throughout the 1960s and '70s. 

We also dive into the deep, rich history between music and cannabis throughout the world and what role music plays today in the advocacy for legalization worldwide.  

Steve also tells us about some of his favourite music memories, what he's been listening to lately and so much more on this episode of Strange Grooves!

Want to learn more about Steve, head on over to the Strange Groove blog!

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What is Strange Grooves Podcast?

The Strange Grooves podcast goes deep with musicians, vinyl collectors and music lovers about the music they love and what inspires them.

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