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Four fellows run the gamut of some of the latest releases and revisit Bravely Second: End Layer, inspiring conversation on the subject of how heavily themed JRPGs can get!

Show Notes

On this episode of Random Encounter:
  • the remake of Trials of Mana is here and Greg got into it with gusto!
  • Sakura Wars is anime, and anime anime anime Nathan anime'd!
  • Neal partakes of an 80s after school special in Wintermoor Tactics Club!
  • we got listener mail!
  • Jono's knee-deep in Bravely Second and is about ready for Bravely Default 2!
  • we talk about our preferred RPG tastes, be they western or eastern!

Featuring: Greg Delmage, Jono Logan, Nathan Lee, Neal Chandran

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Twitter: @rpgfancom
Instagram: @rpgfan
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Twitch: rpgfancom

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