The Archipelago

This episode of The Archipelago features the first of two conversations with Matt Colquhoun, in which he discusses Mark Fisher’s trajectory from the experimental counterculture of the CCRU lab in the mid-90s to his pessimistic take on Capitalist Realism. He also talks about the concept of “Egress” in practice: how Fisher’s passing affected his community, which is finding new potentialities in his writings under the presence of his absence.

What is The Archipelago?

A 60-minute talk show featuring theorists, artists and writers contemplating on the cultural moment. The Archipelago follows ideas that erupt from the abyss of human activity, diverse and divergent at first, before congealing into a new pensive framework. A podcast series as an archive of differing viewpoints, blending together into an imaginary production of the future.
Hosted by Yannis-Orestis Papadimitriou