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Your #1 source for River Cruise-related Japan Travel Info and News. In this Episode, get to know all about Ollie Horn and the entertainment experience that forms the basis for his Japan-themed comedy show, followed by a look at the aftermath of the medical university entrance scandal, and how female candidates have started to outshine their male counterparts.

Also, Ollie was less than impressed with a seasonal Japanese river cruise, and Bobby's got the scoop on a start-up river cruise that's disrupting the town in a very literal way.

Show Notes

Bobby's Japanese Mistakes:
"Nama" (raw) is an acceptable way to order ramen noodles.
"Sekkai" is better defined as "lime," while "sekkaika" is "calcification."

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What is Japan By River Cruise?

Stand-up comedians Bobby Judo and Ollie Horn purport to report on the Japanese river cruise industry each week.