Processing Trauma Out Loud

In today’s episode, Sher discusses her journey from not being able to cry over her own painful stories to now being able to honor her tears of grief. We often feel if we let our tears come, they will never stop. But in letting our tears come, we can release the pain we’ve held in our bodies. Listen in as Sher allows us a glimpse into her story of tears and invites us to be curious about our own story with tears.


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Creators & Guests

Sher Nyquist
About Our Podcast Sher is a woman committed to an ongoing journey of processing childhood trauma for herself and those she works with, to experience real healing and freedom. She carries her own stories of abuse, emotional abandonment, and harm to her body, soul and spirit. She knows the effects of shame and contempt which silenced her voice and kept her stuck in insecurity, fear and feelings of unworthiness. Understanding how to process trauma has brought healing and freedom for Sher, and for those she works with to heal their deep wounds. She invites you to join her and Kandace, experience your breakthrough aha insights and embrace your beauty and joy as you journey further into your own healing. Completion of Narrative Focused Trauma Care (The Allender Center) Certified Transformational Life and Business Coach (ICF) Certified EFT Tapping Practitioner (IMU)
Jeremiah Jones
Jesus Follower | Family Man | Musician | Podcaster | Videographer | Wordsmith | Gaming Hobbyist

What is Processing Trauma Out Loud?

Conversations about trauma and healing from two women who are doing the work.

The scars of childhood trauma don’t fade away. The roots go deep. This trauma can wrap tentacles around every aspect of life, pushing and pulling us according to its will. These stories of harm have been hard wired into our brain. Yet, we don’t see the connection of childhood trauma and current day pain because it has been with us as far back as we can recall. We don’t realize this trauma is the source of our struggle to feel peace, joy, and love. Instead, we live with emptiness, loneliness, anxiety and shame.

The wounds of your trauma can be healed. It’s a process and we hope our podcast can help.