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#TheOriginalEight series continues with our interview with Boston Pride defender Kaleigh Fratkin. #Founding4Pod

Show Notes

The sixth episode of The Original Eight Series. This series features one-on-one interview with the eight players who've been with the NWHL since the inaugural season.

Kaleigh Fratkin began her NWHL journey in Connecticut. At the time, the Vancouver-native turned Boston-area standout decided to get a fresh perspective. Along with her college teammate Anya Battaglino, she signed with the Connecticut Whale.

After a rocky season, Fratkin was once again ready for a change of scenery. Enter Riveters head coach and general manager Chad Wiseman with the opportunity to reroute the Riveters franchise for Season 2. Hear Fratkin tell the story of signing with her third and (likely) final NWHL team, what she makes of the only two NWHL OGs she hasn't played with, and what the future holds for her in the NWHL and beyond.

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Photo: Michelle Jay

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What is Founding 4 Podcast?

The Founding 4 Podcast is a women's hockey podcast hosted by Erica L. Ayala and Angelica Rodriguez. Listen to players chat about the latest news, biggest games, and history of the women's pro league.

In 2015, the National Women’s Hockey League brought the first professional women’s hockey league to the United States. The NWHL started with four founding teams: Boston Pride, Connecticut Whale, Buffalo Beauts, and the New York Riveters.