Blockroots Podcast: Crypto Market Analysis

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One of the most important topics in trading/investing, especially in crypto markets, is practicing proper risk management. But what does "proper risk-management" mean and how do you go about reducing risk to protect your capital? In this episode, we touch on important risk management topics including: types of risk, risk/reward, position-sizing, exiting a position, and practical tips that will help you protect your capital.

Resources in this episode, risk-of-ruin charts/calculators below:

What is Blockroots Podcast: Crypto Market Analysis?

On the Blockroots podcast, we give Bitcoin and Crypto Market analysis each and every week so you can stay informed on the price of the crypto market. We're passionate about deciphering crypto-assets for first-time investors and traders. We want to keep things simple and help you be your best self by making the markets easy-to-understand.