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Season 1, Episode 34: Watch out behind you - it could be a personnequin.

Show Notes

Season 1, Episode 34:  Watch out behind you - it could be a personnequin.

Guest Jessica Lynn Verdi is the second co-host we've had on from the "Mission Log: The Orville" podcast.  She also does voice-over work, improv, Twitch gaming, and several other things.  Perhaps start out from her home page:

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Andrew is deep in his own Twilight Zone of feminist punk rock cinema over here:

And Matt makes music.  Hear a few sounds here:

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August 1 - The Mighty Casey
August 8 - A World of His Own
August 16 - King Nine Will Not Return
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What is Time Enough Podcast: A Twilight Zone Podcast?

Matt Comegys and one of a revolving cast of the groovy people dive deep into those trippy philosophical and metaphysical thoughts that accompany anthology shows such as the original Twilight Zone.