Honest Conversations in Black and White

In this episode of Honest Conversations in Black and White with Virgil Walker and Scott Aniol, the guys sit down with Becky Aniol to discuss the 2024 Reading Challenge from G3 Ministries.

Creators & Guests

Scott Aniol
Executive Vice President and Editor-in-chief, G3 Ministries. Professor, Grace Bible Theological Seminary. Elder, Pray’s Mill Baptist Church.
Virgil L. Walker
Christian, Author, Blogger, Vice President of Ministry Relations, @G3Conference | Contributor to Fearless with @WhitlockJason | co-host @podcast_just |
Becky Aniol
Christian • Homemaker • Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Mom of 4 • PhD Student • Book Nerd • World Wanderer • Musician• Blogger at Religious Affections

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