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It’s so interesting how such a short word can be so loaded…something we’re eager to give…and yet feel guilty for taking. We praise others for asking for it…but feel ashamed when we need it. Mila and Kattie welcome their friends Franci and Laura to have a conversation about why asking for help can be such a hard thing for us to do.

Show Notes

Hosts Kattie and Mila explore the internal tension that exists within us when it comes to asking for help.  Why is it so hard for so many of us?  What are the benefits of getting more comfortable with asking for help?  Join us for a conversation with our friends Franci Wessels and Laura Tyler where we share our very personal experiences with learning the art of asking for help.

Shared on this episode:

Why asking for help is so hard and what's at risk if we don't ask:   
Gender nuances in asking for help
Freelancing Females Facebook Group

House of Apis

Hosts:  Mila Aleman and Kattie Capozza
Guests:  Laura Tyler and Franci Wessels
Music: Hussa Al Humaidhi
Sound Effects: Zapsplat

What is @ The Corner w/ imprfct life®?

imprfct life® is a space for women and girls to come together for self-development, support, and solidarity. Join co-founder Kattie Capozza a Gen X'r that has a lot on her mind and wants to inspire a world where women and girls are unapologetically their authentic selves; a world where they can feel supported and realize their superpowers for greatness in their own unique ways.

This podcast is meant to be a conversation among friends. Topics will vary from discussing the messy reality of life, embracing imperfections, the power of friendship, discussions on what it means to be a feminist, and exorcising toxic relationships.