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Graham and Brian sit down to talk about D&D, what they love about it, and how they got into this hobby as grown-ass adults.

Show Notes

In this episode, Graham and Brian chat through why this podcast exists, what they love about D&D, and how they got into it. 

00:41 - Who is Graham, and why does he love stories and games, and why does he nerd out on D&D?
03:51 - The seven levels of Nerdom.  Also, Graham makes Brian an even bigger nerd.
04:51 - Who is Brian, why is he fascinated with behavioral economics and art, and why does he get lost in his character?
06:58 - Graham and Brian reminisce on an intense scene from their last play session.  Brian talks about the struggle and craziness of embodying someone else's values.
11:05 - Brian talks about how his first character, Sylfir, is very similar to Brian in personality and design.
12:52 - Graham vaguecasts
13:41 - Brian talks about hearing about Dungeons and Dragons as a kid growing up in the bible-belt, and the stigmas that were attached to it throughout his life.
15:55 - What drew Brian into trying D&D as an adult
16:25 - Graham reflects on growing up as a nerd in every way, and somehow still missing out on D&D.
17:48 - Adventures in Odyssey: Castles and Cauldrons.  Give it a listen here:
23:00 - Graham subtly gripes about how his players ruin all of his good plans
23:27 - How Graham got pulled into Dungeons and Dragons by his friend David.
24:23 - Graham's first character: Zolomir Nightbreeze
25:45 - Do n00bs create characters that are not that far off from who they are? 
29:09 - Send us an email and tell us about your first character!
30:20 - When did Graham decide he wanted to run a game and become a dungeon master?
33:37 - A big truck drives by.  Fascinating.
35:23 - The first one-shot adventure Graham ever ran: Dromar's Tomb by Steven Williams.  Get it here:
37:00 - Graham worries that he's a little much.
38:43 - Brian and Graham realize they don't have an email address.  (Brian fixed that by the way!  Email us and let us know how you found the podcast and what you want us to ramble about:

Our amazing original theme song was written and performed by Marco Randazzo, known in some circles as Brother Felix, from Super Team Media.

What is Roll for Nerd?

A podcast where noobs talk about (and play) dungeons and dragons.