The Transgender Show

In this episode, writer, director, comedian, and Twitch streamer Ashley Coooper shares how comedy has helped her fight her demons and how she uses it to educate people and make the world safer for trans people. We learn about the trials and triumphs she's had in her life and what she still struggles with today.

Show Notes

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What is The Transgender Show?

All trans stories are valid. Every week on The Transgender Show, Emily interviews members of the greater trans community as well as friends, family and allies. Listeners will find comfort, encouragement, and growth throughout the program as Emily probes guests’ lives and transition experiences while sharing in both their successes and challenges. The show is recorded live on Twitch and edited for rebroadcast.

Welcome to The Transverse, an organization focused on ensuring that trans, gender fluid, non-binary, and intersex folks at all stages in their journey have the support they need to accept themselves without shame and live a happy, healthy, and full life. Through our media network, community, resources, and support services, our aim is to provide folks with a 360 degree structure that encourages them, supports them, guides them, helps them, and loves them every step of the way.

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