Bookwyrms & Catdragons presents: Arcadia Academy

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Bring Your Own [Blank] is a monthly special segment where we have discussions and interviews with fellow members of the RPG community! This month, Kelly chats with author Emily R. King about all things books, writing, and D&D! And if you love Greek mythology, check out Emily's newest book, Wings of Fury, available anywhere books are sold!

Show Notes

You can follow Emily on her website, her social media on Twitter or Instagram @Emily_R_King, and you can watch her D&D group over on Twitch at!

What is Bookwyrms & Catdragons presents: Arcadia Academy?

Bookwyrms & Catdragons is a D&D 5e actual play podcast. Our current campaign is Arcadia Academy, which takes place at an elite school of magic.