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Celebrating the return of the Coriolis IP into the hands of its creators, we interview Mattias Johnsson Haake, newly appointed Game Director of Coriolis

Show Notes

00.00.40: Introductions and thank you to our new Patron Mark Nash
00.02.42: World of gaming - Chaosium plans Rivers of London RPG; Troubleshooters quickstart; and Fantasy Flight
00.11.28: Interview: Mattias Johnsson Haake, talks about: Origins of Coriolis (00.12.50); Jarnringen1 shuts up shop (00.19.48); What ownership means (00.34.20); Mercy of the Icons, the future (00.48.32); UK Games Expo 2020 (00.56.02); and, Free League Workshop (01.05.04)
01.13.00: Coming next, and goodbye

Effekt is brought to you by Fictionsuit and RPG Gods. Music is by Stars in a Black Sea, used with kind permission of Free League Publishing.

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What is Effekt?

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