Taking Your Time - Time Hacks, Tips, and Principles

Chris Brown graduated from Yale University with a Master of Fine Arts in technical design and production and has spent the last 11 years as the production manager, general manager, and now executive director at the Orlando Repertory theater, a theater for young audiences. He has worked on numerous festivals and theaters throughout his journey including a detour building the permanent Times Square Ball installation.

What is Taking Your Time - Time Hacks, Tips, and Principles?

Taking your time is a podcast series hosted by Jacques Fu, author of Time Hacks. You will learn tips and strategies of practical time management and discover what it means to make the most out of the moments you have. In this show, we also seek to explore the feeling and reality of never having enough time.

Jacques's books, and businesses he's co-founded have been featured in news outlets such as Spectrum News, the Orlando Sentinel, and Inc Magazine, Forbes, and USA Today. Jacques will draw from his experiences balancing home and work life as well as interview guests from all walks of life that have had unique and impactful results on their schedules.