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Adam Schiff is a public servant who is devoted to his country, his duty and his local, podcasting constituents such as Fritz Coleman. Congressman Schiff carved out some time in his democracy saving day to speak with us about his bipartisan childhood, grabbing Fox “News” by the green, his Senate run and the threat he appears to be posing to Tucker Carlson.

Then, Dee Wallace has much to share. She’s got many projects about to land, including the new version of Fatal Attraction from Lizzy Caplan. Dee enlightens us on the healing energy of horror movies, her travels with “her boys,” Henry Thomas, Robert McNaughton and Danny Pintauro, celebrating important E.T. and Cujo anniversaries and her canine connection with Adam Schiff. They both co-star with their dogs in the photo book, In Good Company.  Dee also continues to shine her bright light, as she writes, teaches, lectures and coaches her life affirming and goal attaining principals.

Plus Fritz and Weezy are recommending Aftersun and Daisy Jones & The Six.

Path Points of Interest:

Adam Schiff

Midnight in Washington by Adam Schiff

Dee Wallace

Dee Wallace on Twitter

Fatal Attraction

Dee Wallace Books

In Good Company: Notable People With Their Pets by Johanna Siegmann


Daisy Jones and The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Daisy Jones and The Six - Prime Series

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