JOHN CHOQUE is Touching People For Heaven

Greetings my dear friend! God loves you. God is not mad at you. Turn to God. That is the Lord Jesus Christ, amen. “WHY WOULD GOD Send Fire: Do you know why?" ...this is our sermon preached in Broomfield, Colorado. Blessings!
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What is JOHN CHOQUE is Touching People For Heaven?

Greetings my friend! Thank you for your faith. As a preacher; I preach, minister, and build from a perspective of living on the road as a trucker for most of my life, forty years and well over three million miles. The road is a hard lifestyle, and thus builds a hard preaching style. Being direct and having a mindset that says, I may never see you again, puts grit into my ministry. Turn onto JESUS... because, this may be your last opportunity. We don't know what's around the next bend in the road. Give JESUS a call. Like the word of truth says in Acts 2:21 King James Bible.