Normal service is resumed? The Dee Sanction, WILD, Dragonmeet, Frozen Inferno and military rank within player groups.

Show Notes

00.00.37: Introduction
00.04.42: Thank you to our new Patrons: Alexander Karnowski, Frontinus of Boraelia, Tony Semark, and Craig Duffy
00.10.18: World of Gaming: The Dee Sanction (final hours as this feed goes live), a digression into Tales of the Old West, W.I.L.D, Terminator, Dragonmeet and the FL December plans, Dieselshot Alien panel
00.43.12: Players in the Hamam: Moa Frithiofsson and Adam Palmquist talk about the forthcoming Frozen Inferno
01.19.31: Rank and Chains of Command in RPGs
01.39.18: Whats coming on the next episode, and Goodbye
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