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On this episode of the Fan Made Podcast, we're talking about creating characters that people will clamor to cosplay. We sit down with author and artist Phillip Sevy ("Tomb Raider," "The Freeze") to break down the character creation process and talk about his new series "TRIAGE" (out September 4, 2019 on Dark Horse Comics). You will never look at comics the same way again. We also explore the relationship between artist, character design, and cosplay and the influence they have on one another.

Show Notes

Find Phillip Sevy on Twitter @phillipsevy, Instagram @phillipsevycomicart, and at

Host/Moderator Christie Porter is @PorterGeeksOut.

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What is Fan Made?

Fan Made is a cosplay and fan culture podcast that explores fandom, what it means to be a true believer, and the depths we're willing to go to show our love for fiction. Hear from creators, cosplayers, and super fans on what drives them to do what they do. We'll also take on big pop culture news and issues. Fan Made podcast comes to you from the ABC4 studio in Salt Lake City.