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African Pre-seed Podcast S2 Ep6: Passionate Dissent from Ada Ventures with Ebele Okobi

In this exciting podcast episode, Ebele Okobi, Venture Partner at Ada Ventures, shares their journey into the tech ecosystem and their insights on leadership, diversity, and more. As someone with many hats, Ebele speaks about the decisions that founders make that can shape success, creating an atmosphere where ideas are challenged and where people believe in the company’s vision. 

Finally, they discuss exercises founders can adopt to get the best out of diversity and lessons they've learned from their time at Facebook.

What to look forward to in this episode:
  • The defining moment that inspired Ebele's transition into the tech ecosystem [06:09]
  • Reflections on planting seeds [10:17]
  • Passionate dissent [13:39]
  • Leveraging authenticity as a team leader [19:59]
  • Leading teams to achieve goals [21:25]
  • Getting the best out of a diverse team [28:02]
  • Lessons from Facebook [33:30]
  • Growing your footprint within Africa [37:53]
  • Partnering with large tech corporations [41:26]

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