Living Your Life Well Planned. 80 20 365. With Adam Vincent Gilmer. Hosted by Gene Valaitis

Welcome to "Living Your Life Well Planned" 80 20 365. On today's episode, why people will work for 10 years for minimum wage, but get angry and quit their own business because they are not making $10K a month in 30 days and go back to their minimum wage job for 30 more years. What do we have to change here? Remember, come back every week for a new episode or watch the videos on Adam’s website And tell the people you love in your life to join the free program with you. It’s simple and easy and life changing for the better.

Show Notes

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What is Living Your Life Well Planned. 80 20 365. With Adam Vincent Gilmer. Hosted by Gene Valaitis?

This is "Living Your Life Well Planned" featuring Adam Vincent Gilmer. Every week Adam will be taking you through another lesson in his 80 20 365 system which he has tauight in more than 100 countries. Consider this: Ever know someone who was so strong in one area but neglected other areas? That is not success. Ever know someone who focused so intently on their career that their marriage or family life suffered or maybe even got divorced? Ever meet someone who made a lot of money but lost their health in the process? There are six major areas of your life which must be kept in check otherwise – life is out of balance. We have all been there before. One of the fastest ways to get off purpose is to lose your balance. One must focus on all 6 of the major areas in your life to stay on track; Being, Brain, Body, Time, People and Money. Join Adam Vincent Gilmer and Host Gene Valaitis every week on an exciting life changing journey.