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There are risks associated with investing in real estate where the neighborhood you're investing in declines in value, rents or overall quality or desirability.

Show Notes

Warning - Risks of Neighborhood Decline When Investing in Real Estate

Everything in life has risks. Not investing adds certain types of risks, while investing adds other risks.

One risk that some real estate investors face is the possibility that the neighborhood they're investing in will decline, causing values and/or rents to drop.

So, how do we prevent this, and what can we do about it if it happens to us?

In this mini-class addressing the dangers and risks of investing in real estate, James discusses the risk of a decline in the neighborhood you're investing in and what to do to mitigate the risk and address it should it happen.

In this class, James discusses:

  • A George S Patton quote about fear, risks and making decisions.
  • Neighborhoods declining in value, rents, overall quality and desirability
  • How to avoid investing in declining neighborhoods
  • Watching market conditions and early, leading indicators
  • Investing without ownership
  • Investing without long-term ownership
  • Investing for quality versus discount
  • Holding on through a decline (and likely eventual turn around)
  • Selling
  • Give the property back
  • Plus much more...

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