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Carlos Cabrera hosts Fintech Today with guest Michael Hiles, CEO of 10XTS discussing investments along with the parallel worlds of traditional and digital finance.

Show Notes

In this podcast Michael Hiles, one of the pioneers in blockchain, founder and CEO of 10XTS, shares his vision about blockchain, 
1)How his company pushed forward the Commercium Bank, one of the first banks in the world to be fully digitized offering traditional banking and also digital assets custody and other digital services.
2)What is his software company 10XTS about and gives us figures about huge potential blockchain has in the coming years
3)How fast blockchain is moving to full compliance.

What is Fintech Today?

Exploring fintech with your host Carlos Cabrera who dives into personalities, businesses and technologies around the world. From blockchain to global economies and finance, learn about the people and culture from these industries.