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Terrorism on Trial examines the contemporary role U.S. domestic courts play in the global war on terror. Author Nicole Nguyen advocates for a rethinking of popular understandings of political violence and its root causes, and exposes how dominant academic discourses, geographical imaginations, and social processes have shaped terrorism prosecutions—and disempower communities of color.

Author Nicole Nguyen is joined here in conversation with Nadine Naber. This conversation was recorded in August 2023.

Nicole Nguyen is associate professor of criminology, law, and justice at the University of Illinois Chicago, and is author of Terrorism on Trial: Political Violence and Abolitionist FuturesSuspect Communities: Anti-Muslim Racism and the Domestic War on Terror; and A Curriculum of Fear: Homeland Security in U.S. Public Schools.

Nadine Naber is professor in the Gender and Women’s Studies and Global Asian Studies programs at the University of Illinois Chicago. Naber is founder of Liberate Your Research Workshops.

Terrorism on Trial is available from University of Minnesota Press.

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