It's Not About Food Podcast with Laurelee Roark

This is a show about going back to basics…Compassion is the necessary foundation for all healing. When we can have compassion for the parts of ourselves that we dislike the most, we can let go of the debilitating shame and self-hatred we have carried for so long, and use our compassion to bring love, understand and then, if necessary, change.
Constance Hart
Color Therapist Constance Hart is the founder of Conscious Colors, a color therapy modality that supports emotional wellness and the developer of color aroma, an innovation that combines color therapy with aromatherapy. Constance has over 30 years’ experience in the holistic healing arts and offers guidance, training courses and mentoring.
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What is It's Not About Food Podcast with Laurelee Roark?

It's Not About Food podcast is about learning how to love and accept the body you have, re-learn how to eat intuitively and to know how to take care of your emotions.