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In this podcast episode, we explore the captivating world of piano restoration with a focus on Chris Brown’s recent project involving an 1889 Steinway D. This historic piano underwent significant transformations including new soundboards and modernized parts while retaining its legacy.

Chris delves into the technical aspects of regulation, discussing the challenges of integrating contemporary components with historical dimensions. He emphasizes the importance of meticulous measurements and adjustments to accommodate changes in height for optimal playability.

The conversation also touches upon balancing a customer’s available investment against preserving original aspects of the instrument. Chris shares how even a prestigious brand like Steinway has evolved over time to meet public and artist demands. Chris shares his preference for using copper weights instead of traditional lead for key weighting. Health effects of handling lead can be significant and irreversible, so copper offers a blend of modern sensibilities with classic care.

Furthermore, Chris recounts his experiences as a university technician dealing with neglected pianos and highlights the necessity for technicians to be versatile within budget constraints. He stresses understanding the complexities of a hammer’s behavior as it arcs toward the string and changes throughout a hammer’s usable life.

If you enjoy this session, make sure to check out the Chris Brown RPT YouTube channel and Grand Work Tools blog series to dive deeper.

About Chris Brown:
Chris Brown RPT started work as a piano technician in 1977. A graduate of North Bennet Street School, he has worn many hats in his career: college technician, concert tuner, rebuilder, private customer piano-care provider, teacher. And now, designer, engineer, and manufacturer.

In 2005, Chris officially specialized in grand regulation and rebuilding and started work on the tools and protocols that have become the Grandwork System.

Good regulations benefit customer, technician, dealer, and manufacturer. With the Grandwork System, Chris has reduced the experience needed to successfully regulate grand pianos. His goals are to help those entering the trade and those hiring them, enhancing work for both beginners and experienced technicians.


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Creators & Guests

Eathan Janney
Eathan has 20 years of experience as a piano technician. He studied with Dave Miller, the staff piano technician for the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University, New Jersey. Dave Carpenter, the inventor of the Verituner electronic tuning device, provided mentorship for Eathan in Chicago. Eathan also worked with Ken Eschete and Bill Schwarts, the staff piano technicians at Northwestern University in Chicago. In 2009, he founded Floating Piano Factory of New York, a company that allows piano technicians to move from Apprentice to Craftsman level while offering value pricing to clients as technicians progress toward mastery. In 2017 he founded Piano Technicians Masterclasses, an online project designed to offer cutting-edge instruction from piano industry masters to anyone on the globe with an internet connection.
Chris Brown
Chris Brown is a Registered Piano Technician of Grandwork Tools. He started his career as a piano technician in 1977. He is one of the leading piano technicians who master various skills like concert tuning, rebuilding, and teaching. He is also a college technician and private customer piano-care provider along with being a designer, engineer and manufacturer.

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