Sorry we killed it

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Millennials are killing everything. Brands, culture, industries; we will stop at nothing. The media clearly wants to put the blame on young people for bringing change. Why are we such a controversial generation and do we really have a different perspective on life?

Show Notes

Starring: writer and photographer Trudy Kazangu & Belgian contemporary dancer Nicolas Coutsier.
Host: Priyanka Shankar.
Executive producer: Toon Vos.

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What is Sorry we killed it?

Sorry we killed it is a podcast recorded in Brussels, produced by the European Youth Forum and hosted by Priyanka Shankar from Are We Europe. We talk about issues affecting today’s young people in Europe, and beyond. We discuss algorithms, pandas, death and everything in between. We celebrate the dynamism of the young generation, far from the “lazy young people” clichés, and the way our personal behaviour and experience connect with a bigger ‘collective” and can have a positive impact on our community and our society.