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"Christian just do your emails"

Show Notes

"Christian just do your emails"

00:00 Plumbing problems
01:31 When do you outsource vs. do it yourself?
13:18 Chris's AI research
17:38 Overview of Machine Learning
22:24 PyTorch vs. TensorFlow
26:02 Python, Javascript, and Ruby
29:41 Slogging through email
33:34 Email systems
40:43 Bookmark bankruptcy
41:44 Zettelkasten Google Search browser plugin HOT TAKE
44:34 Just do your emails Christian

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9️⃣MNIST number dataset AI practice:
🌭Not a Hotdog app from Silicon Valley:
🎒Learn X in Y minutes:
🐍Effective Python:
🐓Data Science from Scratch:
🤘🏻Learn Python the Hard Way by Zed Shaw:
⛰Email Mountain:

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Chris and Christian build some software businesses.