Cost of Glory

Life of Pompey Part 3 of 3: Pompey's final rise to the heights of Roman power, his war with his friend Julius Caesar, and his final downfall.  

(M. Tullius) Cicero 
(Titus Pomponius) Atticus 
C. Julius Caesar 
Cn. Pompeius Magnus (Pompey) 
Julia, Caesar's Daughter 
(M. Licinius) Crassus 
(L. Domitius) Ahenobarbus - Optimate Stalwart (Cos. 54) 
(M. Porcius) Cato "The Younger" - the Stoic 
(M. Calpurnius) Bibulus - Cos. 59 
P. Clodius Pulcher - Populist Thug lord 
(T. Annius) Milo - Pompey's Thug lord 
M. Caelius (Rufus) - Cicero's young political analyst friend 
Publius Licinius Crassus - The Richest Man's Son 
Cornelia - Pompey's final wife 
(Q. Caecilius) Metellus (Pius) Scipio - Pompey's new Father in Law 
Aulus Gabinius - Pompey's friend, exiled after Egyptian expedition 
Ptolemy XII Auletes ("The Piper") - exiled king of Egypt 
(C. Scribonius) Curio - Optimate turncoat, Caesar's tribune 
M. Antonius (Mark Antony) 
M. Claudius Marcellus - Optimate stalwart (Cos 51) 
C. Claudius Marcellus - Optimate stalwart (Cos. 50, cousin of Cos. 51) 
M. Favonius - "Stamp, Pompey!" Senator 
Themistocles - Athenian statesman 
Camillus - 4th c. BC Roman statesman 
T. Labienus - Caesar's general, deserted to Pompey 
(M. Junius) Brutus - Future Conspirator 
Theophanes of Mytilene - the Historian 
Crassianus - Caesar's centurion at Pharsalus 
Cratippus of Pergamon - Philosopher at Mytilene 
Ptolemy XIII - Boy king of Egypt 
Potheinus - Ptolemy XIII's Eunuch 
Achillas - Ptolemy XIII's General 
Theodotus - Ptolemy XIII's Rhetoric Teacher 
Philippus - Pompey's freedman   

The Roman Forum 
The Tiber River 
Carrhae (Battle of) - in Mesopotamia (Parthian Empire) 
Gaul (Mod. France) 
Pompey's Theater ("Temple of Venus") 
Alesia (Battle of) - in Gaul 
Naples (Neapolis) 
Ravenna (N. Italy, "Cisalpine Gaul" then) 
Rubicon River 
Ariminum (Rimini) 
Corfinium - Italian town in the Apennines 
Brundisium - Eastern Port in Italy 
Dyrrhachium (Mod. Durrës) - in Epirus (Rom. province of Macedonia) 
Thessaly - large plain in central Greece 
Pharsalus - town in Thessaly 
Tempē - Valley in Thessaly 
Mytilene - City on island of Lesbos 

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What is Cost of Glory?

The most influential biographies ever written, admired by leaders, creators, soldiers, and thinkers for nearly 2,000 years: Plutarch’s Parallel lives. Essential listening for anyone striving after greatness. Alex Petkas, former professor of ancient philosophy and history, revives and dramatically retells these unforgettable stories for modern audiences. The subjects are statesmen, generals, orators, and founders; pious and profane, stoics and hedonists. The stakes bear on the future of Western civilization. The cost of glory is always great. Visit to find out more.