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Why are manhole covers round? How many golf balls can fit in a 747? Why are job interviews so terrible? In this episode, Aja Hammerly, a developer advocate at Google, talks about the drawbacks of common tech interview techniques like whiteboard coding and trivia questions, and shares her tips for improving the process by making it about discovering the candidate's best qualities.

Show Notes

Hello, Mallory - 00:20

The Baby-Sitters Club - 00:40

Aja Hammerly's website - 2:18

Aja's post, "There Is No Perfect Interview" - 2:22

Aja's tweets on hiring from November 2018 - 7:24

A blog post by Basecamp CEO Jason Fried that talks about design challenges - 14:20

Aja on Twitter - 23:15

For further reading from Basecamp on this topic, Jim Mackenzie on the Support team has written some great Signal v. Noise posts about hiring: "Interview or Interrogation?" and "Under Pressure"

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