Asynchronous - A Video Game Catch-Up Show

Jim and a Gourtney Shepard head back to Sanctuary for a little low-key getaway. It’s a totally normal and not at all completely messed up time!


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Produced & edited by AJ Fillari


0:00 Welcome to the enclosure
2:09 *staring at you as you listen to some Bullshit that I thought you would like because I am so worried that I don't know your taste in Bullshit at all and have made a terrible mistake*
24:08 Normandy // Post-Leviathan
27:22 Priority: Horizon
50:38 Normandy
51:15 Normandy // Joker & EDI
54:56 Normandy // RIP Kal Reeger
56:35 Normandy // Tali
59:39 Normandy // Javik
1:06:23 Just for fun
1:07:13 Cool!

Creators & Guests

AJ Fillari
Podcast host & producer for The Worst Garbage Online and Ten Very Big Books
Host @ Asynchronous & Frog of the Week

What is Asynchronous - A Video Game Catch-Up Show?

Welcome to Asynchronous!

Join Kim and AJ every Thursday as they play through video games that their friends have been trying to get them to play for years!

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