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Get ready for an episode of Garage Beers Podcast that's sure to be full of surprises! In Season 3 Episode 4, Jimmy, Nick, and Travis are joined by a very special guest - Filthy Phil a.k.a. Phil Collins!

In this episode, the guys discuss the art of woodworking, and share some tips and tricks for anyone looking to get started with this hobby. They also dive into the world of micro-blading, and whether or not dudes should voluntarily partake in this activity.

Next up, the guys tackle the topic of "Average Joe's" running the 100m dash, discussing the recent viral video of a man who ran the distance in just over 17 seconds. They debate whether or not this is an impressive feat, and share their own personal records in track and field. In the segment "Things I'm Still Mad About presented by Old Country Buffet," Travis shares the story of a former college classmate who screwed him over. And of course, the highlight of the episode is the special guest - Filthy Phil a.k.a. Phil Collins joins the guys for a chat. They discuss his woodworking hobbies, favorite memories in Dubuque and his future with the pod.

Join Jimmy, Nick, Travis, and special guest Filthy Phil for another exciting episode of Garage Beers Podcast. Don't forget to subscribe and follow Garage Beers on social media @garagebeerspodcast to stay up-to-date with all the latest episodes and updates.

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