The Data Engineering Show

AppsFlyer has exploded in size, growing from a small company of 200 people to 1000 people in just three years. Dealing not only with a huge amount of data on a daily basis but doing so while growing quickly as a company can come with many challenges.

Guest: Alexandra Sudilovsky, Senior BI Expert at AppsFlyer
Hosts: The Data Bros, Eldad and Boaz Farkash, CEO and CPO at Firebolt

What is The Data Engineering Show?

The Data Engineering Show is a podcast for data engineering and BI practitioners to go beyond theory. Learn from the biggest influencers in tech about their practical day-to-day data challenges and solutions in a casual and fun setting.

Eldad and Boaz Farkash shared the same stuffed toys growing up as well as a big passion for data. After founding Sisense and building it to become a high-growth analytics unicorn, they moved on to their next venture, Firebolt, a leading high-performance cloud data warehouse.

In season 2 Eldad adopted a brilliant new little brother, and with their shared love for query processing, the connection was immediate. After excelling in his MS, Computer Science degree, Benjamin Wagner joined Firebolt to lead its query processing team and is a rising star in the data space.

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